Pantone’s Spring Colors and Their Jewelry Pairings

As we mentioned recently, with Pantone’s color of the year being ‘Greenery,’ we have our eyes on all things emerald. Though, it’s not just about green; Pantone’s entire range of spring colors are not only beautiful, but fresh and vibrant. According to Pantone, the colors are “a mixture of vitality, relaxation, and great outdoors.”

Below we’ve paired up these spring hues with pieces of jewelry from our collections that complement each one perfectly. Hopefully it’ll give you a little inspiration for your spring wardrobe and accessories. The beauty of these colors is that they can be mixed and matched. While they can stand on their own individually, they all go together nicely and complement each other extremely well. From shades of light pink to dark, bold, and vibrant orange, blues, and greens, it’s a combination of colors we can’t help but love.

Below you’ll find the color names, what they symbolize, and links to their jewelry pairings…

Primrose Yellow / Instant warmth and sunny days / 18k White Gold and Yellow Diamond Pendant

Pale Dogwood / Purity and a healthy glow/ 18k White Gold and Morganite Diamond Ring

Hazelnut / Natural earthiness / 18k Rose Gold Diamond and Morganite Earrings

Island Paradise / Tropical and a desire to unwind / 18k White Gold/Diamond Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Greenery / Refresh and reinvigorate / White Gold and Tsavorite Band

Flame / Vivacious and fiery heat / 18k Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet

Pink Yarrow / Tropical and festive / Platinum Ruby and Diamond Ring

Niagara / Classic and denim-like / Round Beryl Necklace

Kale / Nature and outdoors / 18k White Gold and Peridot Diamond Pendant

Lapis Blue / Radiant and strong / 18k White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Earrings

Above is just a sampling of the jewelry that goes best with this array of colors. Be sure to check out the rest of our collections to find more beautiful options.

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