Jewelry Organization for the New Year

Happy New Year! With the new year comes a desire to want to clean, rearrange, and organize. One area that we tend to leave until it gets a little TOO chaotic would be the closet and drawers. It’s quite the project to go through all your clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes, but once you do it, it makes getting dressed a pleasure and far less stressful.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are focused on jewelry organization, specifically. We know you’ve been there; the worst is when necklaces get tangled, backs to earrings go missing, and bracelets get stuffed into drawers in no clear order. That’s why a jewelry organization system is key in keeping your pieces at their tip top shape and in perfect condition.

Below we’ve pulled together some great (and stylish) organizational ideas for all your baubles and gems. Keep on reading.

If you are able, turn your top drawer(s) into an organization system with compartments so each piece in your collection has a home. If you can swing it, a glass top would show for beautiful decor, as to not hide your precious jewels.

Like we mentioned above, your jewelry can really act as decor. Such pretty things shouldn’t be hidden! We love the look of these glass boxes that you can fill with your favorites.

Who knew an egg carton could be so chic? Find a sturdy one that can fit your smaller pieces.

Here is another option for turning a drawer into a jewelry organization system. Head to your nearest Container Store, and pick up all size compartments. 

There’s no reason you can’t display your jewelry as if it was in a store or showroom. Grab some lucite cuff holders and place your bracelets on them out on your dresser.

We hope this gave you some inspiration when you start organizing your closet! Here’s to a great 2017!

Images borrowed from:, POPSUGAR Home, The Container Store, The Everygirl, The Berry, and Traditional Home

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